Essay writing service review –

We decided it was time to review an essay writing service which targets claims and students to understand the requirements and standards, Speedy Paper.  The most crucial element that any student must consider is the fact that an essay writing service could prove to be a scam, which explains why it’s important for all students decide and to survey reviews […]

Satre the Philosopher

With reference to the book ‘Existentialism; Basic Readings’ authored by Charles Guigon and Derek Pereboom, this essay will basically look into Satre the philosopher’s thoughts that would ensure everything is allowed. Satre in his works delivered the theory of ‘The Humanism of Existentialism.’ This works main intention was to defuse critics who criticized existentialism especially in France. During this period, […]

Philosophy: Brave New World/ Utilitarianism

Do you think that the society depicted in Brave New World is on its way towards becoming the ideal utilitarian society? Why or why not? The society depicted in the brave new world is ideally a utilitarian society. This is because in a different instance it seems to subscribe to the laws that are utilitarian. When Bernard Marx and Helmholtz […]

The concepts of reality, interpretation and free

Dear:   The concepts of reality, interpretation and free will are some of the philosophical foundations in which human beings get to know how they are affected by the world around them and the decisions they make in life. The nature of reality and our interpretation are revealed when we exercise our free will to test and see what has […]


The aim of this paper is to explain how Descartes gets to his first certainty I think, I am (Meditation II). Descartes argues that he cannot doubt whatsoever he thinks. He reasons that doubting is a way of thinking. He remains affirmative about his existence and says even if the devil made him doubt that he existed, to him that […]

Philosophy essay

Philosophy constitutes fundamental structures of the universe. Due its extended configuration and complexity, people have a challenge in coming up with a single definition as different philosophers have adapted diverse ideologies as per their understanding(Rosen 2015). Philosophy is not about choosing and picking the line of thoughts one would like to believe in nor is it a choice based […]