Philosophy essay

Philosophy constitutes fundamental structures of the universe. Due its extended configuration and complexity, people have a challenge in coming up with a single definition as different philosophers have adapted diverse ideologies as per their understanding(Rosen 2015). Philosophy is not about choosing and picking the line of thoughts one would like to believe in nor is it a choice based on personal feelings and preferences. In this case, one cannot select to be a philosopher, but they can opt to be philosophical. However, there is a consensus that philosophy is correlated with our ways of life and guilds our actions. For instance, in our societies,it functions as a process responding to people demands for wisdom and consolidates what we know to obtain the values of the society. Therefore, people view philosophy as part of human growth and an integral section of education aimed at the realization of human potential.


After considering the views of different peoples, they are those that take philosophy as a frame such that it guides them to align ideas in an orderly manner offering a framework for discussion. Also, I agree with those who termed philosophy as a practical art. They are so many concepts and ideas in human life, which calls for discussing ideas, expressing our stands and bridging communication gaps among the involved parties (Rosen 2015). Since philosophy is a discipline associated with better understanding of ideas in different sectors of life, it is helpful in our discussions and framing of ideas to the limits of our knowledge. Therefore, it promotes understanding of the surrounding and people around us making our lives better. Lastly, to a reasonable number philosophy is all about discovering the truth and uncovering facts that we would not have known thus one would not be wrong to describe it as a reflection of reality




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